Audit of SAP R/3 implementation
What Does it Mean

This service will provide to any client a complex picture and detailed information about the real conditions of currently running SAP system within unprecedented period of 2-4 weeks. The client will find out possibilities for improvements and effective developments which will help him/her to reach higher satisfaction and effectiveness of the system for management and the end-users.

ERP Concept is providing these complex audit services to any SAP R/3 system implementation. Audit content is flexibly adjusted to follow the client’s requests and needs which are first being discussed at a workshop type of a meeting. Highly experienced SAP consultant are then collaborating with client’s management and key-users and providing creative and effective environment for improving the present situation of the client’s system. Offered services are covering all implementation fields (or only selected ones) and can include not only monitoring of productive run to optimize the system’s performance but also business processes so future recommended developments can be easily adopted within the organisation.

ERP Concept’s Approach

The main goal connected with audit of SAP systems implementation is to give relevant answers to three basic questions:

By using our own comprehensive control methodology we have mechanisms in place which allow us to detect any weak customization points and we are able to help the client to reduce risks linked with incorrect or incomplete functionality. Highly important part of the audit is to provide recommendations leading to the future development of the system and its functionality so it would fully satisfy client’s expectations and needs.

Information Completeness And Correctness

To obtain superior overview of the information stored in the system belongs among the most important and first tasks of the audit. It is usually also one of the reasons why the system is audited. The second reason can be to find out correctness and timeliness of that information.

The information acquired from the information system is used by decision makers. Correctness of their decisions is depended on the correctness and proper timing of the information they received. That is the prime assignment for the information system: to provide correct information in the relevant time to decision makers. We can give you independent opinion about how does your system stands up in these two crucial issues.