SAP Channel partner

We are in different partnerships with SAP in different countries, but specifically being the SAP Channel partner gives us an opportunity to provide very effective solutions to midsized companies with additional support from SAP. These solutions are specifically designed for certain industries to provide fast implementation, affordable price and flexibility to adjust to growing needs of the business. SAP recently focuses greatly on supporting small and middle sized clients in their efficient use of the SAP platform.

CNT International

CNT was founded in Vienna in 1999 and has become one of the 5 leading SAP consulting companies in Austria. Its core competences include SAP ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM, SCM, SRM, HCM, and NetWeaver. Currently, the company works with more than 100 SAP consultants, whose combined experience covers a range of businesses, from engineering and construction to pharmaceutical and telecommunications. CNT International has a large international footprint, and has clients in locations across the CEE region, including Vienna, Innsbruck, Munich, Krakow and Sofia.

From 01.11.2010 ERP Concept merged with CNT Bulgaria and assumed all of the consulting resources and commercial operations of CNT Bulgaria. ERP Concept Ltd is the international partner company of CNT International in the Balkan Region.

United VARs

The international network of SAP partners known as United VARs (Value Added Resellers) is a long term oriented community of leading SAP partners from around the world.

United VARs' goal is to deliver top service and one-stop-support for international small and middle sized customers, which was formerly only available with large international system integrators like Logica, IBM or Siemens Business Services. United VARsĀ“ match the quality and provide far greater flexibility and effectiveness, where under the global responsibility of one leading partner our clients can get the same level of service and guarantees anywhere in the world. United VARsĀ“ membership gives our clients opportunity to receive global service under one contract for very favorable prices, incomparable to those charged by multinational companies.

United VARs stands for consistent quality and performance across national boundaries.

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