"All-in-One" Solution for Machinery

This labour intensive industry creates parts and end products that apply mechanical and intellectual forces to perform the work. The assembly operations for these products are complex, which differentiates this industry from the fabrication industry. The establishments involved are engaged in designing, manufacturing and supplying industrial and commercial machinery and equipment. Machinery industries are trade dependant, both as a source of their inputs and as a market for their goods. This means that market fluctuations abroad influence manufacturers to a greater extent than many other industries. The Machinery and Equipment industry is also a mature one with well established and specialised firms. This means that there are very few new entrants and therefore a lower strategic threat. However, this industry is under pressure to become automated in order to keep up or ahead of the competition.

Solution covers all major business processes

The SAP "All-in-One" solutions are completely built up on SAP ERP ECC 6.00 and comprehend all important end-to-end business processes:

Complete Solution & Implementation offering:
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Benefits for Customers

Reduced project duration, costs and risks due to implementation of Best Practices from reference projects. Time and cost savings in operations by complete integration of all business processes in material management, quality insurance, controlling and accounting.