We know from our experience that solutions build on the SAP platform help companies of different sizes to gain new momentum in their business operations. Company wide integrated SAP solution offers opportunity to understand inefficiencies within organization or contribution of different customers and products. It also helps to adapt faster to changed market conditions, to sense and respond to customer requirements in real-time, and extend processes beyond the enterprise to include customers, suppliers, and relevant partners.

To achieve this, as a first step SAP has designed broadly solutions dedicated to capture specific needs of larger customers in industries like Retail and Wholesale, Utilities, Telecoms and others. Given solution always addresses specific industrial needs, for example massive billing functionality in utilities or telco business, electricity metering data management, finance risk calculation and many more in each given industry. Solutions offer broad functionality and require specific experience and client dedication to a project.

As the second step, SAP supported its partners to develop their own industry focused solutions focused on narrower segments and more specific needs of the segments. ERP Concept and CNT are among the most active partners in this regard. We have designed solutions for specific industry lines of

which give our clients all the benefits of robust and integrated solution, while minimizing the risk of implementation and shorteing the implementation time.

In any case, for successful implementation of industry specific SAP solutions, the experienced team with deep knowledge of given industry is needed. We in ERP Concept have the dedicated team of well-trained and experienced SAP consultants.

Take a look at our solutions, which we are able to fully support based on knowledge, experience and references of our people.