SAP ERP for Sales and Distribution

ERP Concept Ltd. offers a preconfigured and fully integrated turnkey solution for trade and distribution

For only EUR 69 000 euro you will get

As an option, you can obtain solution for Business Intelligence (analytics and reporting) for very competitive price.

SAP ERP for Trade and Distribution provides wholesalers and distributors with an enterprise-wide business solution which allows them to maximize control over operations and inventory, as well as better customer service. It's ideal for operations that need quick order entry procedures, visibility of all operation across the company and extensive lot and serial tracking capabilities. It also contains extensive shipping and multi-warehousing management capabilities.

SAP ERP for Trade and Distribution is well suited to single domestic as well as multi-site international distributors. It features sales order release management along with real time product configuration. It also helps to maximize purchasing control and ensure quality via a requisition-to-purchase order feature and two-step inspection of inventory processes. The software tracks shipments, customer returns and all costs involved in landing materials into the warehouse. Importers appreciate this ability as well as the accommodation of numerous forms of taxation (i.e. VAT, GST etc.) and foreign currency controls.

SAP ERP for Trade and Distribution offers an array of those features most sought by wholesalers and distributors. These include the ability to handle multiple pricing and discount levels, comprehensive sales history reporting, as well as support for fractional pricing and choice of inventory control methods. In addition inventory tracking can be facilitated through additional Warehouse Management functionalities and native accommodation of bar code readers. Since is a real time, integrated system, all information regarding purchase orders, sales orders, credit limits and inventory status is always available.

The delivered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution lets users track and manage all customer and supplier touch points. Customer correspondence, status, vendor relationships, marketing campaigns, product returns, quote and sales order information are monitored and recorded, providing a 360-degree view of internal or external business relationships. The CRM enables sales, marketing and customer support operations to work collaboratively to achieve total customer satisfaction.

The CRM sales force automation, marketing and customer service CRM applications are contained within a single, comprehensive module that gives a complete, in-depth view of the customer. Company employees can access CRM to make better sales decisions, market products, solve problems and get strategic views of the business.