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ERP Concept presents a new solution for creation of eLearning and documentation

New technologies for interactive and accelerated learning used by the biggest European companies are now available on the Balkans.

With the announcement of the company name change ERP Concept promised new solutions in their portfolio. Fist of them is already available – ERP Concept signed a partnership contract with the leading innovator for personnel development and qualification in the IT and SAP environment - Team Training Solutions GmbH.

Train to Retain is a professional solution that provides easy and effective way of training and knowledge retention. Powered by modular software components of TT Knowledge Force the solution allows preparation, capturing and distribution of content in different forms – from eLearning and documentation to videos and interactive cases.

TT Knowledge Force is a professional tool which creates and updates simultaneously documentation and e-learning in a single press of a button. In this way can be achieved up to 50% time and cost savings in the content production. With TT Knowledge Force can be documented complex software applications for IT roll-out projects, while creating high quality interactive blended training programs.


This solution is unique because of its capability to produce all required IT and non-IT trainings in a company. Together with classic IT trainings for all SAP modules, Windows, web based application or other systems, companies can also produce job-specific (i.e. non-IT) content, such as marketing product descriptions or complex multi-choice survey questionnaires, in easy e-learning formats. TT Knowledge Force builds a framework for central information management. It offers your project team a platform that gives them common access to all the relevant content – all accessible from team members’ desktops, worldwide if required.

Customers of TTS GmbH are public institutions in Europe as well as world known companies as Novartis, Adidas, Conrad Electronics, Lufthansa Technik, Henkel, Bayer, E.ON, BMW, Volvo and many more.

Currently TT Knowledge Force and created content is available in more than 30 languages, including Bulgarian and Macedonian, thus all eLearning and documentation can be easily created in any language needed. TT Knowledge Force is also already in use by the consultants of ERP Concept so they can create eLearning and documentation on their current projects.

Official presentation of TTS GmbH and the new solutions will be held in the end of February 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria and Skopje, Macedonia.

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TTS is the leading innovator for personnel development and qualification in the IT and SAP environment. More than 400 corporations and organizations in more than 20 countries rely on the services and products of TTS. More than 1,000,000 employees have qualified with the help of our talent management, trainer and e-learning experts; more than 5,000 authors create documentation and e-learning with TT Knowledge Force; more than 3,000,000 users use TT Knowledge Force to meet their daily knowledge requirements.