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According to Gartner's conclusion, SAP Business All-in-One is one of the two offerings qualified as Leaders on the market at this time


The annual issue of the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies for 2010 announced that “During the economic downturn, the ERP market has proved to be stable, with no major disruptions affecting the key players.” In the same time “SAP Business All-in-One is one of the two offerings qualified as Leaders on the market”.  The key changes in this market since the last publication of this Magic Quadrant include:



  • Customers are starting to adopt the reworked user interfaces, which offer more role-based concepts, personalization and collaboration features. The improved ease of use, extended search capabilities and more-integrated analytics features drive the use of ERP by more types of users, e.g., those that only occasionally access an ERP system to retrieve information or to complete business activities that used to be done manually.
  • The interest in software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based ERP is growing, but Gartner does not yet see a big adoption in core ERP. Most customers that were surveyed for this research continue to use their ERP solutions in an on-premises model, but they are starting to complement them by additional solutions in adjacent areas like CRM and collaboration. To react to this growing interest, vendors are creating hosted offerings with subscription models and administration services that offer some of the benefits of a SaaS ERP, but only a smaller number of vendors offer multi-tenant solutions.
  • Many customers have reported that shortages in skilled and experienced resources for consulting and implementation created issues in their ERP implementation or deployment projects. To improve this situation, many vendors have put a higher focus on improving the quality of their resources and their channel. Rather than merely offering technical skills, deeper industry expertise, business consulting expertise and the acquisition of certifications are becoming important differentiating factors.
  • Despite the overall decline of -6% in the ERP market, no major disruptions have impacted the vendor landscape that is covered in this Magic Quadrant. None of the vendors went out of business, and none were acquired. The high existing client bases, especially the fees for maintenance and support, proved to be a good protection. Nevertheless, some cost cutting occurred, which has created issues in customer projects. The many choices that midmarket companies have can result in competitive prices.

As the modernization continues, Gartner concludes that one of the two offerings qualified as Leaders in the market at this time is SAP Business All-in-One. SAP Business All-in-One is one of the broadest and deepest solutions in the market, and its Best Practices and the fast-start program reduce the effort needed for the early phases of an implementation. Business All-in-One is based on extensive experience from SAP’s large partner channel, which has turned their expertise into packaged and pre-customized versions of SAP’s Business Suite. Challenges with solution complexity and cost continue to be an issue, which makes the solution a best fit for companies that are in the upper midmarket or, by rapid grow, intend to be there in a few years.

SAP Concept is also providing state of art SAP Business All-in-One solutions for construction, machinery, engineering and retail industries. We are also providing our clients with not so common option to outsource complete SAP solution without necessity to buy any hardware or licenses, as well as with unique rent-and-try option for complete SAP solution in selected industries. Clients only pay small starting fee for initial training of their staff and migration of their data together with monthly rental fee and they can use the system for their operations. After the period they can decide to continue or stop if the system does not fulfil their needs.  If you’d like to get more information just email us at 

Main Source: Gartner RAS Core Research Note G00205542, Christian Hestermann, Chris Pang, Nigel Montgomery, 17 December 2010