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ERP Concept and Team Training Solutions present:

Shape Your Knowledge

The newest eLearning trends and technologies

The conference is dedicated to the newest trends in Knowledge Management, eLearning, documentation production and knowledge retention within successful organizations

The conference scope is to share the experience of leading European companies in eLearning and knowledge transfer by presenting the newest methodologies and technologies for IT and non-IT trainings creation and distribution. Along with this the eLearning and Documentation production software – TT Knowledge Force will be for the first time officially presented in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Shape your knowledge stands for the idea of the conference’ organizers to to start an initiative to exchange expertise and ideas between colleagues, partners and friends, starting from the most important in their view – the human capital.

The event is specially organized for: customers of ERP Concept & TTSS GmbH, HR experts & managers, IT managers from different industries, universities representatives, managers and owners of companies.

All participants will have the unique chance to learn of it is possible to simultaneously create a simulation, an eLearning and documentation in a single step? Is it possible to simultaneously train hundreds of employees, located at different points in the world in a single step?  Is it possible to reduce the time and costs of eLearning and documentation production by up to 50%?

They will  also have the opportunity to share the experience in the eLearning usage by leading European companies, to create new business contacts and exchange know-how with their colleagues and friends.

The most curious will have the unique chance to try the newest version of TT Knowledge Force and to create eLearning, simulation and documentation in a press of a button by themselves.

The event will take place on 22nd of February in Macedonia, hotel Alexandar Palace and on 23rd of February in Sofia, hotel Holiday Inn.

Speakers & Topics

Dimitar Nestorov  /IT Manager of the year 2010/: How to capture knowledge in IT Projects. Real life experience, what worked, what not. What tools are helpful in capturing knowledge:

Alexander Gassmann  /TTS GmbH/: Knowledge Transfer. It will include micro learning in principle, Pull knowledge, not Push, short information of TT Knowledge Force Suite.

Roland Wagner /B&R Automation/: Real Life experience. Start Simple

Nadia Stefanova  /Head of Personal Development and Training @ Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile/: Real life example. Start Simple

Prof. Valentinv Videkov /Technical University/

Petr Palan /ERP Concept Ltd./

Renata Kronowetter

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